CALL FOR ACTION!!! One day left: this is the final countdown. We haven’t yet reached our objective. If each one of our beloved contributors spoke to one other person about supporting the project, we could get there in 24h! Please share this widely!


Donate for the sake of Monet’s ‘Thaw’ (1881) :-)



UMA sends a massive #ThankYou to those who have supported our ambitious project and contributed to our #crowdfunding campaign!

We've reached 45% of our goal. There are 9 days left to help us get to 100%! Each donation enables us to conduct research, purchase reproduction rights from museums, and create 3D modelisations in #virtualreality


UMA’s mission to create another impossible exhibition continues… But we need your help each step of the way to bring “The Spoils of War” to life!

Every donation on our KissKissBankBank crowdfunding campaign enables us to conduct historical and iconographic research and to purchase reproduction rights from museums. Furthermore, your contributions will help us modelise, in virtual reality, a specialized scenography that tells the complex narrative of the artworks. Ideas to recreate the interior of the Jeu de Paume are on UMA’s creative horizon...

Don’t hesitate to make a contribution that will help artworks stolen during WWII find their way back to the present! UMA sends a massive THANK YOU! to those who have already contributed!!



23 Apr


We have reached 25% of our goal!! THANK YOU to all our Kissbankers for supporting us!

We also have new partners from Prague and Bratislava! Find out more about them on our project page!

Don't hesitate to share the project widely, thank you!!