The Tsarevich

Help student filmmakers to tell the tragic story of Alexei Romanov, the murdered son of the last emperor of Russia.

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The Tsarevich


 In 1918, Alexei Romanov needs to demonstrate his valor as heir of the throne of the Empire of Russia but his hemophilia prevents him from living a normal life. 


   Caught in the turmoil of the Russian Civial War, he senses that a danger is threatening the life of his family. He must warn his siblings but faces ill-intentioned guards and his sickness make his task a arduous journey.



  A True story. 

 The Tsarevich is based on real events that happened to the Imperial family of Russia, in 1918, at the verge of their execution. The story takes place in the Ipatev house, a requisitioned villa that serves as prison for the Tsar and his family.  The Romanovs are being held captive by the secret police of the Bolsheviks, a communist party lead by Vladimir Lenin and under Yakov Yurovsky’s watch. The story is told through the point of view of Alexei, the only heir of the throne that suffers from hemophilia and therefore, lives a very intricate life, where nobody sees his inner valor and strength.




  Why tell this story?

   It is an extremly moving story that has never been told through the point of Alexei who was beloved and respect by all. Their tragic end deserves to be told so that we do not forget the fundament of one of the most powerful country in the world.



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Allocation of funds

Funding will go towards many department and is fundamental for us to make the movie.


- Location: We need a Victorian era house to rent for couple of days.


- Food: The crew needs energy to carry on. 


- Misc: Filmmaking has many expenses such as make-up, gas, rentals...


- Rentals: A period piece requires us to rent everything from wardrobe, props, set-design...


The filmmakers want to portrait a realistic and accurate version of the history which comes with great cost.


The Impact


people will be transcended by this emotional, touching and inspiring story of a young boy, suffering from hemophilia that fights prejudice to defend the one he loves. It's a story that touches everybody, having a great range of characters and emotional depth to it.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please, share this campain! We need your help to make this movie and anything you can do to make us acheive our dream is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded one way or another. 


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