Order now your copy of the book TIME PIECES, and take part in the launch of my first self-published book!


The project



Let me introduce myself, my name is Xavier, I was born in 1979 in Paris, where I still live and work. For the past ten years, photography has been my daily passion and a huge part of my leisure time.


I started by shooting a wide variety of subjects (architecture and street photography in particular) before heading rapidly towards landscape photography.


My TIME PIECES project began in the French region of Normandy, where I discovered long exposure and was immediately fascinated by the new possibilities this offered me. Later, my taste for travel and nature naturally led me to the search of wild, untouched, landscapes. As a result, I continued this series far beyond the Normandy coasts, tirelessly in search of strong moods and atmospheres.







What is this book project?


This project is a (crazy) dream that I have for several years. The book provides a new perspective on a series of photos by telling a new story. It is also a way of sharing, much better than by screen, the emotions that you can feel in front of theses landscapes. Finally, it is the opportunity to offer a beautiful object that lasts.


Through this book, I wanted to convey the feeling that I felt during these seven years of travel and photography between the 68th parallel north (Lofoten, Norway) and the 44th parallel south (New Zealand ). Photography is a medium that allows to truly enter into resonance with nature, and really soak up an atmosphere.







Be it closer to home or at the other end of the world, I try to materialize what is essentially fleeting. Shot after shot, I collected singular testimonies of the beauty of the world and was able to catch the signs of its permanent evolution.


Throughout the pages, from one continent to another, I invite you to immerse yourself fully in these suspended moments and to make this book the beginning of a shared journey.



What will be found in this book?


I selected about sixty pictures of landscapes, in color, in square format, and in slow pose (from 1.3 seconds for some to several minutes for others). A wide variety of countries are represented, including France, Spain, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, and Indonesia.





The texts are written in French and English. The dates, shooting locations and exposure times are indicated in an index at the end of the book.






If you wish, I will be happy to personalize a dedication, please do not hesitate to ask!



What will this book look like?





As I self-publish this book, I wanted to take advantage of this freedom to choose with great care every detail and make a unique object. I will print a limit of 250 copies, with the dimensions 20x25cm, 80 pages, square back sewn.





Papers and finishes:


As for a photo print the choice of paper is essential. I opted for a beautiful paper Symbol Tatami 150g, which gave me the same sensations as a beautiful print.


The cover of the book is its jewel case. I will use WIBALIN® Natural dyed paper. This paper is a story of sensation, it has the color of the stone and an evocative touch, it transports you immediately into the universe of the book and invites you to travel.


The final elegant touches will be the cover photo and the hot foil branding of the title.





The printer:


To be certain of the quality of the finished product, I chose to print my book in offset, in France under the presses of the printer Escourbiac renowned for the quality of his work, especially in terms of a photographic book (it was the first print shop to obtain The Golden Cadrat 3 times consecutively). Escourbiac is also particularly committed to respecting environmental standards (PEFC certification).


The other ingredients to make a beautiful book:


The first step is of course a strong editing, and to have a new look to these photos to be sure that each of them fits perfectly in the book.







Naturally, a successful book is also a question of layout. I have privileged, with the help of a graphic designer (thank you Anaïs !!!), a layout sober and elegant to highlight the images and also ensured a rhythm within the book.








Today, where is the project going and what is left to be done?


Well, the project is almost ready to be launched, what I just need now is your support!


At this point, I already have:


- selected papers and finishing;


- defined the design of the book and its cover;






- verified the color proofs in order to ensure that all shades and colors will be faithfully reproduced by printing;






- ordered the personalized boxes for limited edition (they are coming, I will be able to present them soon !!);


- received the postcards of the book.


The printing of the book will begin at the end of the pre-sale campaign and I will receive the 250 copies by mid November.


Books ordered will be delivered before Christmas!


What are the proposed rewards?

Because each of you will have contributed to the existence of this book, I offer you the book at a preferential rate (29 € instead of 33 € in public price, a reduction of just over 10 %).


Furthermore, whatever the amount of your contribution, I offer you the postcard of the book, your name will be registered in the acknowledgments, and you are cordially invited to the launch party (more details to come)!


To make this book a unique object, I also offer a limited edition box!




I created a postcard of the book that each of you will receive:






For those who choose a reward with the 3 other postcards (rewards n ° 1, 4, 7, 9, 10), here they are (format 10x15cm):







Limited edition boxes


I also propose the book in a beautiful limited edition box. Adjusted to the dimensions of the book and specially personalized (branded with hot foil on the top of the box) this box brings a final (and luxurious) touch to the project.


50 numbered and signed copies are available!



Fine Art prints


The book can come with a fine art print. Limited to 30 copies (all formats) per photo, my prints are numbered and signed, and made on paper Fine Art Hanemühle Baryta 315g.


You can choose your selection from a selection of 10 photos (which you find in large format on my site: www.xavierbeaudoux.com). Please indicate the number of the photo of your choice:








                                                           * * *



Here are some pictures of the project, from the field to the exhibitions!









- Currently at the Galerie Photo-Originale ( 24 rue Molière 75001 Paris):




- CAREL (Boulevard Sébastopol à Paris) october 2016 to june 2017:




- Vincennes Images Festival, May 2017:




- International Festival of Animal and Nature Photography of Montier en Der, November 2015 (award in landscape category):



Why fund it?

This collection aims to promote this project and your support will make it possible.


I tried to produce the best quality possible with an accessible sale price. That's why I took care to keep the costs to a minimum, made a significant personal investment and benefited from several valuable individuals who have volunteered their time and expertise for the creation of the book and its promotion (a huge thanks to all those who have already given their help and trust !!!).


I set the target of this collection at 1/3 of the printing cost, supporting 2/3 of the cost as well as the other budget items. The proceeds of the collection will of course be fully allocated to the financing of the project. I will personally perceive the entire collection.


Printing is the main item of the budget and amounts to 6000 €, then the shipping costs (envelopes and postage), the rewards I have already ordered (boxes, postcards, prints) and the one I will order according to your wishes (additional prints). Added to this is the 8% commission for KissKissBankBank.


The project budget is divided as follows:






What is the project schedule?


- Beginning of September: launch of the collection;

- September: finalization of the last details of the model;

- 7 October: end of collection;

- mid-October: beginning of book printing;

- mid-November: reception of the 250 works at home;

- second half of November: launch of the book;

- before mid-December: you will receive your books and rewards!


And if the goal is exceeded?


Wooohoooo! If your goal is exceeded, the money raised would make it possible to finance a larger part of the project (50% would be ideal), or even (let's be mad) to increase the number of copies!






1979 : naissance à Paris ; 2007 : achat de mon premier reflex ; 2011 : première photo de la série Time Pieces (en Normandie) et naissance du collectif Regards parisiens avec lequel j’ai fait de nombreuses publications et expositions collectives ; 2013 : voyage en Islande, passage au plein format ; 2014 : voyage en Nouvelle-Zélande, publications dans... See more

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