Transylvanie electric tour

Transylvania with Electric vehicules with zero emissions

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Transylvanie electric tour

<h2><em><strong>A road trip through Europe in zero emission Electric Vehicles. Prove that mobility in an electric vehicle exists</strong>.</em></h2> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <h3><em>An experience of promoting the zero emission vehicle through 9 countries Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, within Europe .</em></h3> <h3><em>Steps to discover manufacturers of electric vehicles.</em></h3> <p><em><strong>1st stage manufacturer VE Munich Sonomotors</strong></em></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p><em><strong>2nd Stage Visit Skoda Prague</strong></em></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p><em><strong>3rd Stage Mobiliti charging service Hungary</strong></em></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p><em><strong>4th stage manufacturer VE Bucharest</strong></em></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p><strong><em>5 &deg; Stage manufacturer VE ZAgreb Croatia</em></strong></p> <p><a href="https://www.rimac.automobili/en/" target="_blank"></a>/</p> <p>Passionate about travel and cars, I have owned an EV for 4 years and have traveled 100,000km in an EV. Already an EV road trip to Moscow</p> <div class="k-ResponsiveIframeContainer"><iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" height="281" scrolling="no" src=";display_name=YouTube&amp;;;key=8b7d8dd6504d41af9a77662672aabc2a&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=youtube" title="YouTube embed" width="500"></iframe></div> <p><strong>The Facebook groups <a href="" target="_blank">LFC</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Mobilit&eacute; Vehicules Electrique</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">TVE</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Automobile Propre</a>, the French Federation of VE <a href="" target="_blank">FFAUVE</a> users who follow me are very interested in EV experiences.</strong></p>

Allocation of funds

<h2>The collection will provide part of the costs of the four crews:</h2> <h2>of stays: &euro; 7,860</h2> <h2>accommodation : &euro; 5,535</h2> <h2>electric vehicle charging&nbsp; : 1960 &euro;</h2> <h2>Promotional items: 1600 &euro;</h2> <h2>Project Total : &euro; 16,955</h2>


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