Tyrick - New single

Help me to finance the recording and the next achievement Single: "Do not Break My heart"!

Project visual Tyrick - New single
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Tyrick - New single


- Studio of Dj Spyenol and Dj Eyedol located in Saint Martin

- time of mix and mastering recordings all included in the price



realized with the help of a camera promoting ultra HD the clip will be of an extreme quality and agreeable for the fans




Some scenes will actually turn on the island of Martinique to obtain a variation of the Caribbean in the images of the clip



The Single is titled "DO NOT BREAK MY HEART"

Written, produced and performed by Kenton Martyr under the name "Tyrick" this Title is in English and calls to the soul of music


Following the first video clip of the artist "TYRICK" entitled "MY QUEEN"

The artist "TYRICK" aged 19 years wishes to develop his sound and produce all varieties including cultural.



Kenton Martyr

Kenton Martyr more known as Tyrick to start music and benefits in public since the age of 2 years. The first performance was in a church call morija in Martinique to sing "Jesus loves me"




Here are some pictures of TYRICK


For the most interresser I leave you a link to the previous music "My Queen" So "Supernova" who of course with your help may be able to have his video clip



Allocation of funds

Kenton Martyr will collect the entire collection.



If the collection reaches 1 000 € ?

it will allow me to pay:

- recording, mixing and mastering of the single: 180 €

- Shooting of the clip: 600 €

- the graphics of the cover of the single: 90 €

- the percentage reached by KissKissBankBank: 100 €


And if the collection exceeds the € 1,000?


The extra earnings may allow me to make a clip with the lyrics of the single, see the management of the propaganda single.


And is it planned for when this single release?


The beginning of the summer period should be adequate, a sun present on the tropics and blue beaches as ever.

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