We count on your help to portray the beauty of this self-knowledge process and to be able to give you a unique experience of the senses.

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Vipassana is a journey inside a man, an exploration of the conscious and the unconscious, coming face to face with the representations and paradigms that brings the world today. The process of reconnecting with himself happens in seven stages, where the character will be confronted with the help the majesty of the environment and personal inquiry.


This project is named Vipassana, the term comes from a Hindu meditation that the Buddha and his disciples practiced, it talks about seeing things as they are and getting to know ourselves, this seeks to find within ourselves the problems and solutions concerning our physical and psychological discomfort, so we become aware of our mind and spirit while constantly learning. This method of self-knowledge is one of many forms of introspection, but we chose to use because it combines body, mind and spirit; this technique is open to people of any faith or who say they cling to none, which is wonderful because learning disclaims any doctrine, worship or religion.  


The search for oneself is a difficult journey to undertake today, but absolutely necessary. The fact is that we are so full of cultures, beliefs, thoughts, fragments of ideologies, fears and interests of others, that we believe we are only that. Yes, we are the sum of our influences, but we cannot deny the existence of that something that differentiates our lives. What we really believe, what our position towards life is, what we veils we discover covering us, the things we keep, what we judge, what we accept and what we deny... what really is part of our spirit, that essence only ours, and what is part of our body, that which stays on earth? We’re talking about knowledge and wisdom that all of us tend to leave aside, ancestral details that are hidden in simple details of everyday life, we speak of reconnecting with nature and understanding the importance of it in our lives. It’s just stopping for a moment and leaving worries, pressures, limitation and returning to ourselves.  


The seven chakras are energy centers in our body through which flows the same. We will use these elements because of their meaning in each stage, relating it to the bond that it creats and the learning achieved in each sequence. The colors of each chakra are part of the color palette, and as every stage of the journey is related to one of these, that color will be treated respectively in predominance for each stage. The position of the chakra in the body also will relate to the position, location and movement of the character at different times, from there the exploration will take place through video dance as a catalyst for the harmony of movement.


Lighting has an important value to the concept, as it speaks of self-knowledge and of the idea that we do not know who we are, it starts from the darkness in the early scenes, referring to ignorance, and moving forward in the scenes we get to the light, at this point the discovery was made We will work from a cold feeling, discomfort, misunderstanding and anxiety to then reach warmth, understanding, acceptance and release.

Both image and sound, speak from the contemplative and organic, pure state of things, that feeling we experience when immersed in the forest and the colors bewitch us, the sound environment stirs our souls and gives us fullness. The textures of nature refer the viewer to places on earth where they can imagine themselves, the will be able to see that this journey of knowing ourselves is possible, just like what they see in the image. The viewer can feel and taste the sounds, feel the grandeur, the vastness of the landscape, it’s about ritualizing moments and seizing every instant.





Catalina Calle Rodriguez is an Audiovisual Communicator, she has worked in short films, documentaries and music videos as director, art director, screenwriter and has done sound design and music composition of various productions. She is one of the founders of the festival of short films Rodando en Bicicleta in Amalfi, Antioquia. Catalina belongs to LaloColectivo, anudiovisual group and also works with lobotomy production Studio.   Photo-1445483670

Alex Villa Arias is a graduate in photography and digital video, also studied camera and photography and film, currently in training as Audiovisual Communicator. He has worked lighting in various productions, television content, short films and films. Co-founder and current member of Audiovisual Jackalope Society. Producer-1445483721

Mateo González Santamaría is an Audiovisual Comunicator and the creator of the audiovisual Lobotomy production studio in which his work spans commercials and music videos of all kinds. on the other hand he has an important route in the process of post-production, working for Imaginer FILMS, as DIT and editor in short films and commercials for important audiovisual producers.  


The rewards for all who choose to support will be delivered during postproduction and final installment of the film as follows: Mailing address (first quarter 2016): Making of and photographs of Vipassana, original music, projection Online link, digital storyboard, digital copy of the short film, Vipasana posters  


In our financing plan we have different strategies and means for raising capital, so the entire budget is not requested on this platform.  

Contact-1445483863e mail: teléfono: 313 770 27 39 - 300 545 07 80


instagram: vipassanacorto



Allocation of funds


Vipassana is an audiovisual piece that has a strong connection with nature, so most of its scenes are shot in exteriors, forests and lakes where electricity is difficult, so we must rent power plants, have a good technical equipment to achieve true and majestic lighting of the environment and record in detail the beautiful scenery. Also for a cinematic look, we require a video camera with versatile settings, powerful sensors and quality lens that will allow us to take advantage of every pixel in the image in the best way. Because the locations are on the outskirts of the city, we also need transport to for the technical equipment and our team of 30 people, food during the 5 days of shooting and a place to stay the night. In the art department, there will be experimentation in costume and makeup, which requires the right materials for the original designs.



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