Wine Civilization-L’amour du Beau et du Bon, une aventure franco-chinoise

A Franco-Chinese love affair about epicurian lifestyle by Wine Civilization.

Project visual Wine Civilization-L’amour du Beau et du Bon, une aventure franco-chinoise
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Wine Civilization-L’amour du Beau et du Bon, une aventure franco-chinoise

<p> <strong>The project - </strong>方案</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Wine Civilization</strong> is a start-up based in Beijing. We are specialized in the « epicurian » communication The love of good and beautiful things transmitted through an online platform, inspired events, marketing consulting and a selection of smart, pure and fresh wines.</p> <p>  </p> <p> A deep knowledge of the major french poles of excellence such as Wine and Gastronomy plus a great interest in the worlds of art, music and tourism.</p> <p>  </p> <p> We like to talk about our beloved country and its assets with a fresh, sensitive and offbeat vision. Yes the « old lady » perhaps attracts not as much as before and should improve its image abroad. China's new generation is really looking for a more qualitative life and have a boundless curiosity for our lifestyle. A great opportunity for us to let interculturality a way to speak up. </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Online platform: </strong><a href="" target="_blank">WINE CIVILIZATION MAG</a></p> <p> -Articles about wine in France or China, art, photography and life.</p> <p> -Oversea France-China Fusion Recipes and culinary creations.</p> <p> -Playlist Wine and Music.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Events: </strong> The « Good Life » Rendez-vous</p> <p> -The Wine Civilization Sundays : Beijingers will enjoy a total immersion in french culture, Un "Dimanche à la française".</p> <p> -Wine And Photos.</p> <p> -And Many other ideas just waiting to be set up.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Marketing Consulting: </strong>project management and strategy development (for importers, restaurants, cultural actors)</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Selection of authentic products:</strong> We are creating a range of wines that looks like us for our events but also to distribute to HORECA that adhere to our philosophy. The range LESS IS MORE highlights this new scene of winemakers attached to less intervention in wine for the purity of the product. Organic wines mainly, for a market where some say that it has no place and to who we will answer the contrary, the movement grew in Beijing and the good life has every reason to exist here in China. We want to be part of this conscient trend.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>The identity - </strong>身份</p> <p> Wine Civilization likes to bring a very visual and aesthetic dimension to the world of wine. Photo sessions  in the spirit « Drink wine you’ll be fine » (below our achievements)</p> <p> Check out our TUMBLR:</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilizationpoppy-1428319858" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilizationjuso1-1428319892" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Image_copy-1428322800" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilizationlucie-1428326507" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Boisduvin-1428285673" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>The Genesis - </strong>起源</p> <p>  </p> <p> Our Duo met during our studies in Angers (Loire Valley, France). One day, we took the car for a "wine trip" in Spain and Portugal. Travel is one of the best ways to really get to know someone in the good and in the bad .. The test was a success and a beautiful story of friendship began.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Henryjames-1428284258" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <em><strong>"It's time to start living the life you've imagined."  </strong></em></p> <p> Henry James</p> <p>  </p> <p> One day you wake up and you believe it is possible. Why not?! Why this blog would not be more important? Why those little neurons would not work on inspired strategies? Why simply do not try to live full time this project in which we believe so much?</p> <p>  </p> <p> The breakthrough happened one day in Hong Kong while one worked in Saigon and the other already in Beijing. We were both there for Vinexpo 2014 and the discussion became inevitable.</p> <p>  </p> <p> '' Are you happy in your work? Can do better..</p> <p> -Do you have energy? Indeed, I have energy to spare !</p> <p> -Any Ideas? For sure..</p> <p> -What Are your skills? They seem complementary ...</p> <p> -Are you ready to go on your own ? It's a deep conviction, like I knew in my heart that it is the only solution "</p> <p>  </p> <p> And that's how sharing a sandwich in a Wine Trade Fair,  in 10 minutes we have laid the foundation of our collaboration ... A month later we both left our respective jobs and Wine Civilization was born</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Adequacy women project - </strong>相符的女性方案</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilizationlucieandcoralie-1428326551" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> Don’t hesitate to see our profiles on our pro website (in french and english version) :</p> <p>  </p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">CORALIE PROFILE</a></p> <p>  </p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">LUCIE PROFILE</a></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Our achievements - </strong>具体实施</p> <p>  </p> <p> What we have already achieved:</p> <p>  </p> <p> -The Blog / webzine Wine Civilization, the showcase of our philosophy and know-how</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Screen_shot_2015-04-05_at_17.29.26-1428284398" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Screen_shot_2015-04-06_at_21.23.28-1428327688" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Screen_shot_2015-04-06_at_21.23.35-1428327720" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> - WeChat in China: We Started to create a community on WeChat, the major Chinese social network, where we share French cultural references (music, artist, film), France-China fusion recipes and more. Everyday more followers and views and a growing interest for our state of mind!</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilization1-1428321936" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilization-1428321988" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilization2-1428322040" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Winecivilization7-1428322074" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> And</p> <p>  </p> <p> -We started the sourcing process to get wines that will be part of the selection LESS IS MORE.</p> <p> -We achieved Market Studies (on wine market, on lifestyle, on events, on online marketing …), benchmarking and other relevant analyzes.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <em><strong>Work in Progress</strong></em></p> <p>  </p> <p> -Collaboration with French institutions in Beijing for their events around French poles of excellence and their marketing around the « France Plaisir » concept.</p> <p> -Collaboration on tastings and lectures around the wines. <a href="" target="_blank">GRAND CHINESE WINES TASTING</a></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Is it possible because of ..</strong></p> <p> <strong>T</strong>he support of our valued advisors, collaborators and friends. Our chinese duo Celia and Jing Wen, smart and inspiring girls. Maéva, our connection to Paris which manages the community in France. Marion our foodie who creates the fusion recipes and finally, but not least, Stéphane our Catalan-Mexicano web project manager.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Wineciviteam-1428285602" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p>

Allocation of funds

<p> <strong>The reasons for this crowd-funding</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> Because even working 7/7, from sunrise to sunset is not enough. We need help to evolve.</p> <p> Here are the topics on which we will invest this crowdfunding:</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>-Online platform for the Chinese market</strong></p> <p> Customized Web App on Wechat. ESHOP, E-LEARNING, E BOOKING tool. </p> <p> 2,800 €</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>-Chinese Translation for this "mobile" APP</strong></p> <p> 400 €</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>-Wine supply for the LESS IS MORE selection</strong>, for our tasting events and HORECA distribution.</p> <p> 2,400 €</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>-Material for Wine Civilization events</strong> to create a total immersion in our world</p> <p> Lenses for camera (for event and online content photos) 250€+ tripod + Mini projectors 150€+ Printing (on acrylic support) 350€+ glassware and other equipment for our tasting 150€.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <em><strong>If we exceed the 6,500 € goal</strong></em></p> <p>  </p> <p> We thought about buying a Champagne Selosse case but we are not certain that it is ethically the right thing to do.</p> <p>  </p> <p> It's very simple, our whole dynamic has a brake: the ressources. So if we exceed our goal, we will invest in a better and faster internet server, we will translate more content in Chinese on our blog, create a beautiful catalog for our LESS IS MORE range and organize a "wine photo shoot" outdoor in Beijing!</p> <p>  </p>



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Merci 谢谢

Estimated delivery: July 2015


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Merci 谢谢 +Carte postale “Bois du Vin tu seras bien!” / "Bois du vin, t'auras des copains"

Estimated delivery: July 2015


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Merci Merci 谢谢 谢谢 +Bagues ou porte-clés Wine Civilization

Estimated delivery: July 2015


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Merci Merci 谢谢 谢谢 + 10 cartes postales Wine Civilization “Bois du Vin tu seras bien!” / "Bois du vin, t'auras des copains"

Estimated delivery: July 2015


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Merci Merci Merci 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢+ 1 photo Wine Civilization 40x50cm au choix sur notre TUMBLR!

Estimated delivery: September 2015


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Merci Merci Merci 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢 + 3 photos Wine Civilization 40x50cm au choix sur notre TUMBLR!

Estimated delivery: September 2015


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Un doux merci et du joli avec le livre photos by Wine Civilization

Estimated delivery: September 2015


Un grand merci 非常感谢+ Carte Postale + La boîte Wine Civilization -Objets vintage du vin et de la table et autres surprises * 3 Wine Civilization Kinder Surprise !

Estimated delivery: September 2015


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Un merci grand comme l'infini + Une carte postale + Une sélection de grands crus chinois à recevoir chez vous. Plongez dans le monde du vin en Chine avec aussi de la documentation pour étancher votre curiosité sur ce qui se passe ici de ce côté là du globe.

Estimated delivery: September 2015


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Un milliard de Merci + 1 semaine en Chine Vol Paris-Pékin (ou autre ville européenne) + Studio dans le centre historique de Pékin « Hutong Style » Et notre joyeuse compagnie pour découvrir cette ville où nous avons décidé d’investir notre énergie !

Estimated delivery: October 2015

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