Workshop EICTV, San Antonio, Cuba

Support me for attending the EICTV Documentary Workshop, to shot a short documentary film with Cuban Film director Belkis Vega in Cuba.

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Workshop EICTV, San Antonio, Cuba




The documentary filmmaking workshop of the EICTV is essentially practical, it will be held from 11 to 29 September. In small groups of three, we had to find subjects, write documentary film projects, then shoot, and edit with the help of a professional technical team. We will definitely be entitled to theoretical lessons in documentary work, before we begin. Daily screenings of documentary films are part of the training program.  



The Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV)  Founded in 1986 by the writer Gabriel García Márquez, Cuban filmmakers Julio García Espinosa and Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Argentine poet and director Fernando Birri, as well as Brazilian filmmakers Orlando Senna and Sergio Muniz. Nestled in the shadow of the great palm trees of San Antonio de Los Baños, the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) is renowned in Latin America, hosting students from Cuba and many other countries. This school of cinema has trained generations of African students for more than 20 years, thanks to a Cuban government scholarship program, which no longer exists. 






Filmmaking is my passion, for 2 years I decided to devote myself fully to it, to train, to multiply experiences, to make live my passion and live through it. I am particularly interested in the links between Africa and Cuba, I hope to find a subject that reflects the real or imaginary cultural bridges built in spite of slavery, colonization, dictatorship, communism, nevertheless .... In a context of crossbreeding, sometimes assimilation, there is necessarily resistance, even resurgence.  We have the music, of course, that everyone knows, animist cults, or vodou, food or certain first names, until the persistence of the oral tradition. I would look for traces of Africa in Cuba, through culture, history, people ..

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first, I got a little support from the Embassy of Cuba in Guinea for the cost of training and accommodation.

Secondly, because this kind of practical training does not exist in neighboring countries.  Finally, the Escola internacional de ciné y Television is renowned worldwide as filmmakers where aspiring filmmakers come from all over the world to take part in practical workshops, animated by renowned filmmakers such as Verner Herzog ...

But above all; Living in a country where there is no film school, I do not have much choice, I manage as I can to learn. Since 2 years, I run  workshops and films writting residences , the rare filming set,that I find !  The advantage of a workshop like this is that it is short and intensive, it is suitable for those who can not study full time, we learn a lot in a short time!!!

Allocation of funds

I got a financial support from the Embassy of Cuba in Guinea (covering Côte d'Ivoire), for training costs and for accommodation.

I have to paid for the visa cost  and travel expences myself, that's why I launch this crowfunding.

A round-trip flight from Abidjan / Havana via Madrid

1743 euros

A return ticket Abidjan / Conakry (for the visa)

258 euros

The whole of the money collected will be used to buy to cover the travel expenses for the visa and for Cuba.

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