Support the world premiere recording of piano pieces by Anthony Burgess, famous writer of A Clockwork Orange, played by Stephane Ginsburgh.


The project

Anthony Burgess, the famous English novelist who notably wrote A Clockwork Orange, made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick, was also a prolific classical music composer. Out of more than 250 pieces, are the 24 Preludes and Fugues, also known as The Bad-Tempered Electronic Keyboard. The complete recording is almost an hour and a half long.


I have the honour and pleasure the propose the WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING of the complete cycle for Grand Piano, a NAXOS label dedicated to rare and undiscovered piano music.

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The recording took place during the summer of 2017 in Flagey (Brussels) one of Europe's best recording studios and historic home to the Belgian National Radio.


- The recording has been released on February 23, 2018 with a concert in the Piano Days festival at Flagey (Brussels).

- It was preceded by two pre-release concerts on January 21 in Handelsbeurs (Gent) and January 29 in Bach Academie festival in Concertgebouw (Brugge). More concerts will follow. Burgess's pieces will be combined with Preludes and Fugues by Dmitri Shostakovitch.

- It will be followed by concerts in the UK and a concert especially organised after the KKBB has ended


A portrait of the pianist


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Why fund it?

As incredible as it may sound, Anthony Burgess's music is still almost totally unknown from the classical music lovers and even from most musicians. This recording, one of the few actually existing of his music and a world premiere for these pieces, will make it possible for large audiences to hear Anthony Burgess's art of composing in the contrapunctal style of Bach.


The recording will be released in a collection specialised in rare piano music and belonging to NAXOS RECORDS, one of the most important and widely distributed classical music record labels in the world.


The funds will be used to complete support for the recording process from the beginning until the end: the studio and piano (a wonderful Steinway D) rentals, piano tuning, recording and mixing sessions with a highly recognised professional, mastering and publicity. This recording received public support from the Federation Wallonie Bruxelles.


The costs will be ventilated as follows:

Studio and piano rental: €1500

Piano tuning: €1500

Recording, mixing and mastering: €3000

Pressing: €2000

Publicity and other costs: €2000

Total: €10000



Stephane Ginsburgh

Stephane Ginsburgh is an internationally renowned classical pianist based in Brussels. He has performed in numerous festivals and has recorded many CDs for Sub Rosa, Cypres and World Edition. His repertoire includes classical and modern composers, as well as contemporary music.

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