Worlds Beyond - Debut album "Symphony of Dawn"

Symphonic metal with a fantasy twist!

Project visual Worlds Beyond - Debut album "Symphony of Dawn"
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Worlds Beyond - Debut album "Symphony of Dawn"

About us

"Worlds Beyond": a (relatively) young band coming up with its first album after years of hard working and rehearsal. We write symphonic metal with a fantasy twist.

We write symphonic metal, a unique genre that we bring to you with love and passion. You can hear our intro “Wonder” in the background of our crowdfunding video. At the bottom of this page you can also already listen to a teaser of “The Fay”.

Editing an album is so much more than writing and practising a set of songs. It is:

  • Recording (instruments, (special) effects...),
  • Producing,
  • Mixing,
  • Mastering,
  • Creating the album artwork,
  • Organizing the photo-shoot,
  • Mounting and launching the release campaign,
  • Making videoclips,
  • ...

Why we need your help

The editing cost of an album, when choosing for quality, is a stumbling block in music industry. We have already spent quite a lot of time and energy on our songs as we believe in our music. Therefore, it is out of the question that all these efforts fade to nothing as we have to save on professional mixing and mastering, which costs a fortune. We do not believe in poor work. This is the reason why we start this crowdfunding, hoping it will give us the freedom we need and the opportunity to edit a top-quality album! Therefore, we need to appeal to Barefoot Studio (mixing & recording of the songs) and Tower Studio (mastering), so that you can enjoy our music even harder.

Allocation of funds

It goes without saying that the money collected thanks to this crowdfunding will be spent usefully. Your financial support is most welcome. No doubt we can use it to turn our songs into a valuable final product.

What happens with your contribution?

Please find below a survey of what this project might cost.

It goes without saying that the group already have their own kitty to finance an important part of the project. However, we still need your support. Hence this crowdfunding. 

Why a good mix is very important

In order to convince you quality is essential, please listen to one of the songs of our album before and after mixing by an experienced mixer. Listen to the difference and let yourself be convinced. You will hear at once how important it is to have our songs professionally mixed. This must convince you that your money will be well-spent. 

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Estimated delivery: October 2020

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