Young to Bolivia - Photographic Reportage

A photographic reportage about the wonderful bolivian lands and the great people's culture. By Hitta, a young indian student from Italy.

Project visual Young to Bolivia - Photographic Reportage
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Young to Bolivia - Photographic Reportage

Welcome to the project : "Young people in Bolivia" !

We are Italian students at the institute "ITC Piovene" of Vicenza. Our group is formed by a dozen young people who loves to travel and experience new cultures.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Association Munasim Kullakita we initiated a project of interrelation (using video conferences) between us and a group of girls rescued from child prostitution in La Paz in Bolivia.

We exchanged each other emotions, experiences, dreams and an irrepressible curiosity in wanting to know each other, between our world in Italy and in Europe and the other, in Bolivia and South America.

The project aims to culminate our visit in their own beautiful land, Bolivia.

We want to realize this dream, we want to meet and embrace each other, we would be able to actually see each other without using a screen.

We would like to know the many realities that distinguish Bolivia, from poverty that afflicts this people to the world of the natives as the Aymara.

This part of the project has an idea.

Thanks to one of our students, passionate about photography for a long time, we want to make a photo report that documents all the beauties and misfortunes that exist in Bolivia. We would like to talk through the picture of poverty, school education of children, many indigenous peoples living in the country, some social ills such as drug dealing, child prostitution and degrading prisons.

 But at the same time we want to talk through a photocamera of beautiful landscapes of this region, from the Andes to the valleys, the crater lakes to the Amazon forest.

We'll show you some aid projects funded by the European Union and by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We will present a genuine Bolivia, strong, multinational, unique and a nation that does not give up despite the many difficulties.

How many of you have ever seen a photo exhibition on the tribes in Bolivia?

 By Aymara to Tacaná, from Quechua to Arawak.

These and many other indigenous peoples represent the cultural wealth of this country.

Our purpose is to spread their habits, their customs, their traditions, their culture through photography.

We ask your cooperation to support part of the travel costs to realize this Italian and Bolivian dream.

We will perceive no gain but the proceeds will help us to achieve our Bolivian friends. To share their culture with us, and with all of you.

We will realize this project with great care and we will show this side of Bolivia to anyone, thanks to Internet, social networks and photo exhibitions.


We hope that we will live this dream.

Thank you for your collaboration.




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Some pics of me!







Allocation of funds

The collection will help to support my travel expenses to Bolivia.

Reaching this country from Italy is not cheap. Indeed it is very expensive, specially for a young girl. I am a student, I love photography, traveling and the cultural heritage of Latin America and Bolivia. In this occasion I will meet the Munasim Kullakita girls, without your help this dream is impossible to realize. Thanks to my camera equipment I will try to take every aspect of the landscapes and of Bolivian society. Our group, thanks to your contributions to our projects, it will be very grateful for an opportunity so incredible. To my donors I will send emails, unpublished photographs and news from Bolivia, for some of them I will send souvenirs and small thoughts. Travel, learn, help this trio is my biggest dream. If the project will start (thanks to you) I will open some exhibitions of Bolivia, of Andean populations, indigine and other issues, and you are all invited! Thank you for reading my project and thanks in advance to those who will support me!   Hitta Rattnia, Vicenza.

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