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The project


Hello everybody,


My name is Bogdan Santejudean and I am a very active and sociable person. One of my biggest passions is to work with people and established new relationships. I want to prove to everbody that anyone can become a successful person no matter what obstacles have to pass!






In last two years I've worked as a freelancer (here is my online profile and my portfolio). For those who don't know, a freelancing is one of the easiest, fastest, and lowest cost ways to start working for yourself. Multiple freelancing websites, like and provide an online marketplace where employers post work and freelancers bid on completing the work in an open market, which is often extremely competitive.


In this period of time I realised how easy is to do something profitable with your freetime when you have perseverence and confidence. My target was to support financialy my family but now I want to help more people who would like to do something new but they either don't have enough confidence in their abbilities or they don't know how to start or where to find the informations they need. So why not to share my knowledge about freelancing with others so they'll be able to achive the succes sooner? If i succeded when i was only 17 years old to work with important companies why you or others shouldnt? And this is the theme for the very first course.


After this, I want to travel my country and why not the entire world looking for instructors, I will help them share their knowledge about business strategies, art of negociation, life, confidence, productivity tips, guitar lessons, programming, traveling tricks,  personal development or anything that could be usefull for your personal development!


I've already contacted few udemy instructors to join my team and togheter to cover a wider rage of themes.


Also I've started working on a website which will present and promovate our products: but it's still under construction :)



Our high quality audio(English)-video courses will be published on Udemy, the largest online teaching platform that offers you the possibility to watch them anywhere you are and anytime you want!          

We'll do our best to ensure that you will get the best possible courses presented by the most talented and valuable instructors in the world!




The prices for the courses will be between 80 and 340 euros, depending on the complexity of the course. But if your donation is at least 50 euro you will have unlimited acces to all our courses for free. 

Why fund it?

Why we teach?          


I do believe in the power of learning to transform lives and even entire communities.        

Exactly like you do sometimes, I had my own difficulties when I tried to do something new, something different. This is why me and my team will do our best to provide you a wide range of excited course about business, programming, cooking, guitar lessons, psychology, personal development, travellling tips and more in order to help you change and improve your life!           

I hope one day you'll join us and become one of the best instructors in the world!


If I reach the minimum €2800 goal, here is where your lovely contribution will go:






- a second hand mid-level DSLR camera for recording

- lenses for DSLR (300 euro)

- a Sennheiser G3 wireless system - lavalier microphone (580 euro)

- additional equipement (lights and lamps, softwares for editing (200-400 euro)

- a second hand laptop so i can take it everywhere i go (300 euro)

- a website to promovate our courses and our instructors (including domain, hosting and designing (400 euro - most of the work will be done by me... but i still need a little professional help)

- facebook advertising campaign and google adsens campaign for first few months (200 euro)


Total: 2800 euro


+personal investments (studio rent, costs of traveling my country and more will be supported by me)


The longterm target is to transform this business in a charitable organisation (next year). And with the money raised from sellings to help children and persons who don't have the possibility to do what they would love to.






I am very confident about this and I do my best to turn my dream in reality even if I will not be founded... because I NEVER give up! 


Thank you very much! and sorry for my English skills... still learning :)



PS: Please leave a messege/feedback/comment, I want improve this concept so every feedback is important for me! Thank you!



Bogdan S.

My name is Santejudean Bogdan and I live in a large and beautiful city in Romania, Cluj-Napoca. I am a very active and sociable person. One of my biggest passions is to work with people and established new relationships. I want to prove to everbody that anyone can become a successful person no matter what obstacles have to pass! I've grew up in a... See more