Yuwway, all in one urban mobility app!

Yuwway, all in one app allowing comparative search and booking of your daily transport service. Compare, book, let yourself be transported !

Project visual Yuwway, all in one urban mobility app!
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Yuwway, all in one urban mobility app!

Together we reach our first target of 100% !!!

We are pleased to welcome you as YUWWAY ambassadors. Our next target is to reach the 150% which will allow us to :

  • prepare our app launch event
  • update and enhance the user experience integrating new transportation means.

As you well know, a smooth user experience is essential and we are committed to simplify as much as possible your journey using our app.


Allocation of funds


By contributing to Yuwway development !

By being our emissaries, sharing extensively this campaign around you, family, friends, colleagues, per email, phone and on your social media.

By following Yuwway on social networks:

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For €30

YUWWAY DISCOVERY ! - You'll be granted access as beta-tester and will be the first one to enjoy the benefits of our App! - You'll have access to our internal ideation forum to participate on our concept development. - You'll get a face mask stamped by YUWWAY. - You'll be tagged on our sur la acknowledgement page on our website and our social medias !
  • Backers: 21
  • Delivery October 2020

For €15

WE ARE PLEASE TO WELCOME YOU ONBOARD! You are now part of Yuwway incredible adventure! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT !! You will tagged on our contributors wall.
  • Backers: 3

For €60

Simply the best way ! - Your first trip offered (up to 30€ trip price) - You'll be a priviledged guest for our App launch event! - You'll benefit from the previous rewards!
  • Backers: 6
  • Delivery October 2020

For €100

Eco-responsible ! - You'll be able to make a donation for Life NGO reboisement program Sapouuse (5 trees will be planted on your name!) : p For each tree planted you will get a plantation certificate. - You'll get a YUWWAY stamped canteen! - You'll benefit from all previous revards.
  • Backers: 12
  • Delivery October 2020

For €150

WE LOVE YOU ! - you'll get a YUWWAY stamped package: tote bag, face mask, canteen ! - you'll benefits from all previous rewards.
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery October 2020

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