Prepare your communication: which circles should you target?

  • First circle: close ones, friends, family, colleagues, clients, subscribers, etc.
  • Second circle: friends of friends
  • Third circle: the general public, including local media, bloggers, influencers, etc.

Who should you target at each step of the campaign?

  • The first circle: before launch
    To kick off your campaign, you’ll need to rally your close ones. They are your main supporters and will naturally want to help you.
  • The second circle: approaching 15-20%
    Once you’ve launched your campaign with the help of your close ones, it is time to target your second circle. Don’t hesitate to ask your close ones to share the campaign or to mention your campaign link when contacting their friends, colleagues, families, etc.
  • The third circle: approaching 50%
    Take your time and be patient before getting in touch with journalists and other influencers. They will be more likely to report on a campaign that is well under way. They are your gateway to reach a general audience.

Which communication channels should you use?

  • Facebook: create a page prior to launching your campaign to gather a “fan base” or use an existing page for your project, organisation, company, etc.
  • Instagram if your project has a strong visual identity. You can also try to attract Instagram users who share your interests.
  • Twitter: react to trending topics or engage with influencers in your field.
  • Emails or mailing campaigns: tools such as Sendingblue or Mailjet allow you to send mailing campaigns for free (within a sending limit).
  • Blog or website: you can add a banner redirecting to your campaign, or write dedicated articles.
  • Press release: customisable depending on the media.
  • Phone: an old and proven recipe.
  • Organise an event: the opportunity to talk about your project in a different format.

Suggestions of engaging content

  • Produce a contributor testimony video
  • Share articles related to your field
  • Share inspiring images
  • Write posts or emails focused on a reward
  • Produce a demo video
  • Regularly thank your contributors and urge them to keep sharing the project to help you
  • Update on the reached percentage
  • Pick up on current events or evergreen contents related to your project
  • Run a poll to involve potential contributors
  • Draft articles
  • Share GIFs: if well chosen, they can become viral!