Since 2009, we have been working with you to build a more transparent economy. This transparency also involves sharing our key figures, which are updated daily.

Amounts raised by category, success rate, number of backers… Find all the information you need to choose the platform to launch your crowdfunding campaign or contribute to causes that matter most to you.

Amount raised
Successful Projects
Success Rate
Average Pledge

Key indicators on the evolution of crowdfunding

To select the platform best suited to your needs or gain a better understanding of the evolution of crowdfunding in France, access to key data is essential. The stat we are most proud of?

On KissKissBankBank, our 3 million backers are the most generous in France.

Amount raised7,265,634 12,811,037 13,841,944 19,325,339 
Successful projects5311,4991,6832,161
Success rate*75 %75 %71 %77 %
Number of pledges72,065259,046208,384290,319
Average pledge58 61 67 67 
Success rate for campaigns with at least 3 backers

All categories

KissKissBankBank is 29,150 projects funded in 18 different categories: music, solidarity, ecology, books, comics, crafts, fashion & design, food, agriculture, sports, technology, art & photography, heritage, health & education, film & video, games, journalism, theatre and dance. Discover our statistics by project category.

CategoryAmount raisedSuccessful projectsSuccess rate*Number of pledgesAverage pledge
Film & video32,723,032 4,67075 %522,71063 
Books23,703,884 2,30875 %434,46955 
Music29,645,499 6,48180 %519,99157 
Journalism15,466,514 96177 %308,67650 
Success rate for campaigns with at least 3 backers
“82% of projects launched in 2020 on KissKissBankBank have a commitment: made in France, zero waste, education, anti-racism, feminism…”
Chloé Bonichon
Manager “Food and Ecology”
“On KissKissBankBank, projects reach on average 136% of their fundraising goal.”
Jamil Mis
Business developer
“Our 1.8 million backers are the most generous of all generalist crowdfunding platforms in France. They give 65 euros on average.”
Adrien Biot
Sales manager

4 platforms to regain power over your money

KissKissBankBank & Co combines four complementary platforms : KissKissBankBank, Lendopolis (investments in renewable energies), Goodeed (free donations) and microDON (“l’arrondi solidaire” and “le don de temps”).
Together, the group’s teams are undertaking a most ambitious endeavour: enabling all of us to regain power over our own money.

Many thanks to 2,989,490 KissBankers

These wonderful projects were made possible thanks to you!