Adam Shereston

Many years ago I had a bizarre experience known as the ‘Kundalini’; a term as unfamiliar to me as the strange events which followed. Essentially the experience left me with an extreme ‘heightened sensitivity’. This allowed me to ‘sense’ or ‘mirror’ physiological and psychological symptoms within humans and animals. This unusual phenomena that I experienced forced me to reconsider my entire belief system and with perseverance and the support of my family and friends I was able to adapt to this new world. After several months of investigation, I came across the subject of healing through touch. I started to try this out on people and animals, astonishingly it seemed to have a remarkable positive effect on them both. It wasn’t long before I was lead into the world of horses and I soon discovered that I could connect with their mind, emotional and instinctive intelligence. These abilities enabled me to read a horses behaviour very accuratley. I spent several years working with healing, teaching and training and became known as a Horse Whisperer. Over the years of interacting with humans and horses, I came to realise, they were offering me a reflection, and if I was to feel of another, and for my very being to recognise it, it had to somehow exist in me.The journey of self discovery continued, and I explored ways of releasing what was being reflected. I understood this reflection as part of my human created side. The false sense of identity, conditioned and created by my human experience. This lead me to Alignment. Aligning with my true identity, my authentic self that exists in all of us and which connects us to all that exists.