Alexandra Dom

Her artistic universe Alexandra Dom is one of a crazy musical artist. A big wide smile, a great deal of energy. She sings with a lot of boldness and passion, she touches us with her sincerity. In her songs, Alexandra positively shows with emotion, frankly and without any complexity. Lively pop music and always "feel good". With a gentle nature, a little bit fly by night, with a hint of rebellion, Alexandra takes us with her on a musical adventure...An ideal moment to take time out and enjoy being able to stop whatever we are doing just to listen to her. News Attention show time! Alexandra already performed successfully on several stages, in "Trevise", in "Chinchman", in"L'Etage", in"Très Honoré Bar", in "La Colonne sèche", and recently with her musicians in the "Baraque", the evening sponsored by the radio LFM. The Tuberculosis of the buffalo" video clip has already gained 10,000 views on Youtube and Alexandra has passed 70,000 tune-ins Noomiz. A concert is planned on the 12th September at "L'Etage" organised by Chic Acoustic