Clorinda P. and Cayetana S. are the members of Artikulación Esporádika, a platform that meets various groups and organizations combating discrimination against women, promoting sexual and gender diversity, and confronting environmental and social conflicts. Our intention is to build a platform for coordination and political action, in contrast to the fragmentation, dislocation and social demobilization that exists today, both within the country and in the South American region. We make these connections with the intention to provide support and help sustain the social processes that are running resistance, encouraging and strengthening policy proposals involving the enforceability of rights, communication and artistic creation. Clorinda Purrello develops her work on the border between anthropology, visual arts, and social policy. She is an Italian researcher, photographer, and audiovisual producer who is committed to the social processes seeking alternatives to development. She explores a combination of academic disciplines and praxis for liberation, and has a proven track record of working with people in ethnographic research in South America. Cayetana Salao has ten years of political experience. Through artistic collaboration, she has worked extensively with various social groups and organizations to defend the rights of women and promote cultural inclusion of sexual and gender diversity. The Ecuadorian geographer is also a theatric scene director, rapper and theorist. She is inquisitive about politics and the transformative capacity of poetry and art. She finds artistic collaboration to be a means towards social progress, and has demonstrated that idea well through her human rights work.