Pornic, France

Our Association art Multiple aims to develop artistic exchanges between artists, countries, cities,in order to create networks and communications, to make known the productions of artists,the diverse and rich looks (Photography,painting,drawing,watercolor, sculpture...).This first major project is an opportunity for our association which is just two years old. Through this project, we wish to contribute to a better knowledge of our territories and its inhabitants. For this we work in partnership with different associations in a traversal way. The Association Art Multiple offers to seven artists : Fabienne Alliou-lucas (photographer), Brigitte Vanwynsberghe"Bivan"(painter and sculptor),Cathy Lodziak (watercolorist), Nadya Tara ( (painter and sculptor), for the french artists, Angela and David Chalmers (visual artist and photographer) and Janine Baldwin (painter) for the english artists, an artistic project between the two territories, that of the Pays de Retz and particulary Pornic and that of Yorkshire and particularly Scalby/Scarborough. The originality and richness of the project is in the mutual discovery and in the offer of new, particular points of view on these territories by choosing the approach, the means of expression (drawing, painting, photography, engraving, sculpture..) and staying there for a few days/weeks to go through them and meet the population. Fabienne Alliou-lucas Born in Brittany and study at the National superior school of photography in Arles. Today she lives in pornic and works on its territory exploring all the facets, these borders. Observing the ordinary and the extraordinary ."Littoralist" she works on the coast fascinated by its evolution, its poetry. Bivan She studied art at the Academy Charpentier the at the ENSAD Ecole national superieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris (Interior architecture). Installed in Pornic for 5 years, she teaches parallel to her work in workshop. Her artistic approach seeks above all to translate an emotion by spontaneity of the trait and a mixture of techniques according to the subjects treated. Acrylic and watercolor suit me for their speed of execution in a fast gesture. Cathy LodziaK She has chosen watercolor for its transparency, its lightness and its capacity to convey emotions and very subtle feelings. Her artistic line of thought is not to reproduce what she sees but let emotions emerge, interpret the light thanks to this fantastic medium: watercolor, through the result of the reactions, unpredictable most of the time, astonishing every time, often marvelous, of the water and pigments. Nadya Tara Nourished from her earliest age by the art of her environment in Montmartre and the museums she visited, she went after a literary Bac to study fashion design. After training in plaster and elastomer molding techniques, she resumed to an ancient passion: sculpture.Exhibitions are taking place in Vendée, Nantes, Paris. Today she lives and works in Pornic. Matter is the word that best defines the work of Nadya Tara. In painting, the material inhabits the canvas, it is thick, a mixture of marble powder and lime. It is smoothed, textured, engraved. She integrates elements that shape it with traces, echo to the tracks of man in the landscape. Angela Chalmers Fist class Ba Fine Art, University of Hull, Yorkshire. She is a visual artist based in Scarborough , north Yorkshire. her work deals with intricacies of the human condition, often with a deeper focus on history and identity. Her current work explores camera-less photography techniques and creates images using a Victorian painting process. Angela produces photograms by placing 3D objects directly ontohand-coated sensitised paper. She uses objects connected to the feminine and domestic function.These are often items of antiquity, articles worn for rites of passage, such as a wedding or christening gown. These items evoke memories and become treasured keepsakes. Painting of human forms evolve through a method of pouring and dripping a limited palette of water-based media onto selected handmade and plastic-coated papers. David Chalmers Higher National Diploma, design Photography,Blackpool and the Fylde College. With over 20 years experience in the commercial photography industry, he provides creative photography to customers throughout the Uk. He produces beside a very personal creation being interested in old techniques. In 2010 he receives a commission from Chrysalis Arts as part of their celebrating place project.This was the start of a new body of work based on the forest of the Yorkshire Moors National Park, producing a series of carbon transfer photographs using 8x10 inch sheet film with his deardorff field camera. The images explore an organic cycle using a traditional process, hence "carbon to carbon". 8x10 inch negatives were made to produce the prints. The blacks within each print were produced with a formula of indian ink and ground charcoal. Janine Baldwin Creative school of Art in Scarborough . Her work is the expression of a lifelong affinity with the landscape. She live on the North Yorkshire coast of the UK and this location is a constant source of inspiration to her painting. Her interest lies not in making a literal representation of nature but rather in celebrating the physical sensory experience of land and sea. As a result the semi-abstract paintings are vibrant and energetic, combining gestural marks and the use of rich evocative color.