While studying for my undergraduate degree in Texas, I began volunteering as an ESL teacher for immigrants and refugees through and NGO (Literacy Instruction for Texas). This experience left me passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through English language instruction. Since then, I have taught English in Turkey, in Spain (as a Fulbright Scholar), and in France (through Les Petits Bilingues and private lessons). Currently in the final days of an MA in International Development at Sciences Po, I have come to the conclusion that all development must start and end with education. During an internship in the second year of my Master's program, I met Chris Chandler (Balivernes' Director/Editor) and we began discussing the possibilities of creating a project together. Chris is French-- and a filmmaking graduate of the International Film School of Paris (EICAR). He has participated in all kinds of projects, from video clips to tutorials, and is passionate about comedy. Together we decided to launch Balivernes!