My name in Fanny Girard. Three years ago, I embarked with a few friends on an adventure called CaravanArte. Je m'appelle Fanny Girard. CaravanArte is an NGO, created by a team of young french and argentinean artists. Its goals is to foment the access to arts and culture in less developped regions of Latin-America. In numerous developping regions, the lack of funds dedicated to culture and arts limit the expression and the creativity of its people. CaravanArte, through its programs and projects, backs-up educative and artistic centers, and creates a cultural and human bond within the continent. I direct CaravanArte from Buenos Aires, Argentina (where I have been living for 5 years). CaravanArte means passionate volunteers, who work for their projects without asking in return anything but a seat on a Caravan (van, car, bus...) that takes us to Chaco, Salta, the Andes... Where we can talk culture and art with wonderful persons, and develop fantastic projects. "Le Voyage d'Ashko" is one of those projects.

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