Caring & Sharing is an association which is composed by four ICN Business School students, Annabelle Al Usta, Renaud Vandeven, Lisa Winkler von Mohrenfels, and Loïc Lavelle. Indeed, we had to realize a social project through our courses, so we just chose to invest ourselves in a project that really passionate us. So, our goal is to raise awareness among people concerning orphans situation firstly, and then, we will also work with the SOS Kinderdorf association in Bremen to help them in their canteen's project. Indeed, this association wants to build a canteen for poverty stricken kids and teenagers, and we would like to help them in this project thanks to your help ! That's why we need you to support us, in order to be successful in our process. Thanks for you support, and just keep it mind that it's not for us, but for people who really need it.