Carole & Pauline 3D'Tour

Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France

Carole Beugnet who is from Auvergne in France and Pauline Thibaux from Région Centre, are two students of ENSAIA (National School of Agronomy and Food Industries) in Nancy. They are members of the student association 3D’Tour which leads international discovery projects based on mankind, agriculture and the environment. For each project there is a part of sensibilisation and reflection within the French population. For the first time, Carole and Pauline heard about Frère Christophe Ngom’s project thanks to Marine Davrainville and Elma Pinta, two other member of the student association. All the most enthusiastic to get involved in this kind of project and to help the women of Nianing city developing their farming activity, the two students decided to take the plunge, they contacted Frère Christophe Ngom. Since January they have been putting together “The Women’s Market Garden” project, working with him to see this action through to the end.