Cats Can't Fly

We are a group of young circus artists called The Optimists; Lisa Norway Chineese pole, Robin France Acrobatics, Ronan Brazil Hand to hand (Base), Bogdan France Juggling (Diablo/balls), Marina Brazil Hand to hand (Flyer), Amit Israel Juggling (Staff), Jean France Chinese pole, Gonzalo Spain Juggling (Rings), Nimrod Israel Aerial rope, Neta Israel Juggling (Balls), Mari Norway Aerial rope, Camille France Aerial hoop, Jatta Finland Handbalancing, Rick UK Acrobatics, In September 2012 we entered into the professional formation of "le lido" and quickly became a group that enjoyed working and playing together. We have become very close friends and are all looking forward to our end of year tour which promises to be an amazing way to finish an amazing 2 years with a group of really amazing people.