Clémence Grieco

Berlin, Germany

I was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1982. In 2011, after finishing my studies in visual Arts in Quebec, I moved to Berlin to discover Europe and further my artistic projects. And I never left. Because of a growing love story and a first child on the way for this winter, I am truly taking roots in this country. I now live with my partner in Müncheberg, about 50 kilometers from Berlin, on a large farmland turned into a cultural cooperative. A true slice of heaven where the chickens run free, Landhof Müncheberg is a project started in 2012 by a small group of friends. A visit to Quebec in 2013 shone a light on luminary design. My boyfriend Petja and I met a travelling salesman on the roads of Gaspésie and this fascinating person showed us quantities of antique aluminum bowls. Even thick, aluminum stays soft and easy to manipulate. We came back to Germany, our suitcases full of this material and our heads full of lamp ideas. In 2014, my business VLO design saw the light of day. The enthusiasm generated by my creations makes me incredibly happy and I wholeheartedly hope to further this work even more thanks to your support.