Paris, France

With their 2nd studio album “Acid Mist tomorrow”, French metal experimentalists HYPNO5E create a unique musical realm. You could call it “ambient metal” or “fusion metal”, but most of the terms used to describe the more experimental side of modern metal would not do the band justice. There is the airy playfulness of modern day’s CYNIC in their songwriting, but the melodic, mellow side is only half of the picture: the other side is dark and crushingly heavy. From the quiet to the loud moments, the musicianship and creativity on display on “Acid Mist Tomorrow” is outstanding. Haunting harmonized guitar melodies are challenged and eventually destroyed by chaotic rhythmical patterns and rude double-bass attacks… but the airy serenity always comes back at one point: this is what makes “Acid Mist Tomorrow” so interesting and captivating. After more than 300 shows alongside bands such as GOJIRA, Eths, Amen Ra, The Ocean, in Europe, Usa, Australia, HYPNO5E are no longer just a “French phenomenon”. The 4-piece’s live shows display a holistic approach to the arts: with video projections and conceptual lighting being an integral part of the spectacle, HYPNO5E create a mesmerizing atmosphere that sucks the listener into their dark cosmos.