Éléonore Schöffer et le neticLab

First meeting: beginning of 2011, Cyril Vachez met Éléonore Schöffer, the artist's wife, in Nicolas Schöffer's workshop. Beginning of Summer, Cyril and Éléonore collaborated to create an image projection around Nicolas Schöffer's Soleil in the exhibition of The Sculpture in motion, at Pierre Cardin's Château Lacoste. In the meantime, Cyril Vachez and Ikse Maître were designing and developing, with a team of researchers, engineers, and technicians, Light does not stop there v=x at the Synchrotron SOLEIL. Second meeting: in the Fall, during the exhibition Mathématiques, un dépaysement soudain at the Cartier Fundation, Cyril Vachez introduced Ikse Maître to Éléonore Schöffer. Cyril and Ikse funded the neticLab for an artistic occupation of the public scientific domain and for a scientific extension of the civil public domain. End of 2012, an art manifesto emerged in the new artistic spirit of Schöffer. Beginning of 2013, Schöffer 100-001 neticLab was defined to celebrate the centenary of Nicolas Schöffer's birth, sixty years of cybernetic in art, and the birth of the neticLab. More meetings occurred. At the beginning of this coming Summer, Schöffer 100-001 neticLab will make a special public appearance at the Villa des Arts, in the artist's workshop, where cybernetic art was pioneered.