Francesco Vignozzi

Florence, Italy

I was born April 14, 1974, in Empoli, Italy. In January, 2009, I took my rst photography course. A er that, I continued on my own, taking pictures, editing and reading about photography, looking at pictures. I was deeply impressed by the great 20th century photographers, black-and-white, compositional virtuosity and the poetic sadness of the human condition. Photo- graphy for me is a constant surprise and why I keep reading it and its study with rigor and dedication. I have never found a more beautiful de nition of the photograph of this: Photography is a weak voice at best, but sometimes, only sometimes, a photographer or group of photographers can awaken our awareness...Some, maybe many of us, can be in uenced to hear reason, to nd a way to straighten what’s crooked... e rest of us will feel a heightened understanding for the lives of strangers...Photography is a small voice... It’s an important voice in my life, but not the only one. I believe in it. W. Eugene Smith (Wichita, Kansas Dec. 30, 1918 - Tucson, Arizona Oct. 15, 1978) and I’ll keep on never nding it.