We are journalism students from IHECS (Brussels). Since September, we are working together on this project, which is the culmination of our training before the professional life. In a nutshell, Simon is a great lover of Japanese culture. He speaks Japanese, he can read and a bit write in Japanese. After living five months in Tokyo, Japan has become the country of his heart. It is obviously a major asset to find contacts and prepare our report. Alice could be called “the iron fist in a velvet glove”. She is a friendly little blonde who can be a real war machine to carry out the projects she throws herself into. One of her motto: “Start now, not tomorrow”. Bérangère is the cameraman of the group. She is positive is any situation. Her sweet nature brings softness and balance within our team. Pauline has a bold and a cheerful nature. She is driven by a strong determination and is always looking for further information.