Grenoble, France

Gaëtan Raymond and Pierre Chauffour are at the origin of this project. They are totally dedicated to share their passion of dry tooling with the biggest number, and to show how it can be beneficial in the mountains! Gaëtan is specialised in dry tooling. He brings his vision of this new discipline which he started over 10 years ago. He has already climbed many routes in grade D13 and has bolted the well known dry tooling sites of "l'Usine", "l'Arche" (except the route "Generation Dry") as well as the hardest multi-pitch multipicth named "Bionic Agapi". Pierre is an extreme cameraman. He is capable of getting anywhere with a 30kg backpack! He is already famous for his top quality Highline videos, and he is always trying to show the public more exciting new images !