Hold Your Horses!

For the past three years, Hold your Horses! have been spreading their fireworks in Paris and beyond. Mixing a definitely rock basis with classical arrangements of cello, violin, clarinet, trumpets and keys, marrying a feminine and a masculine voice, this clan composes and plays tense and beautiful pop music. A Hold your Horses! concert is a wall of love, a unique experience that they have already shared in the United States, Belgium, Italy, and of course in France, where they have played the main Parisian venues regularly (Nouveau Casino, Flèche d’or, Baron, Glaz’art, Trabendo) and outside of the capital during short tours (Bar en Trans’, Rock en Seine, Route du Rock, Printemps de Bourges…) After the EP “Sorry! Household” made of anagrams and recorded by Villeneuve in 2011, Hold your Horses! released a second EP in May 2012, this time produced by Jean-Charles Versari (Les Hurleurs, Versari): "Apologize". They will enter Mikrokosm studio in Lyon in early July, and after additional recording in their Parisian living rooms they will release their first LP this coming autumn.

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