Brussels, Belgium

InBetween is Piazza dell’Arte’s project space for young artists and social questions in Brussels. InBetween creates a dialogical atmosphere in each and every project it sets up. A dialogue between young and more experienced artists concerning thematical topics. A dialogue between young artists and other talented (groups of) youngsters concerning social problems and challenges in the public sphere. Collaborating with local and international cultural producers, other organisations and different audiences, InBetween produces art projects, exhibitions, residencies, discursive and performative formats, ateliers, interventions and performances in public space as well as art educational activities. Envisioned as a multi-functional space for communication on the relation between art and society, InBetween creates an open informal meeting point for international and local cultural producers. Through regular meetings, lectures and discussions, InBetween promotes interdisciplinary, intergenerational and cultural exchange. InBetween is a place of hospitality and understanding between individuals with differing life and work experiences. It establishes solidarity between not only the artists involved, but also local cultural producers in general. At the same time it seeks institutional partnerships and project-based cooperation with international exchange and scholarship programs, the cultural sections of embassies and art institutions based in Brussels. InBetween wants ° to offer space for the development of new concepts, ideas and approaches, ° to open up room for experimenting, to encourage communication through concern and constructive confrontation through artistic contents, ° to organize exhibition projects that focalize on specific topics, ° to induce thoughts and generate impulse, to request a bridge between art and society, ° to be a meeting place for people who share the desire to create free intellectual associations in art and politics, ° to reflect the conformity of artistic production with economic, political and religious power apparatus, and ° to invite to cross-disciplinary networking. InBetween invites to artistic collaboration!