La Chinerie

The first facebook group of Chineurs de House was born in September 2014, the two creators - G'Boï and JeanMi - had the idea to bring together their house-lovers friends in order to share their passion for music and trade their last vinyls. The group quickly took an unexpected amount of members and allowed the creation of the collective La Chinerie. Thanks to the social networks the Chineurs from France (and from Europe) met and created friendships. La Chinerie is the Mother House of 7 Facebook groups which represent values ​​such as sharing and discovering, with a wide range of musical styles ranging from rap, disco, house, techno, ambient to jungle. La Chinerie its also dozens of rap, house and techno events organized everywhere in France with local associations of meetings between Chinaurs (Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Marseille, Belgium, London, Toulouse etc.) What became a great cohesive team decided during the wonter 2016 to set up a festival project. Soon it could become real, you should help us!