Les CourJets

WHO ARE 'LES COUR JETS' ? 'Les Cour Jets' is a collective of artists created in 2011 at the theater 'La Reine Blanche'. It is composed of Enzo Ambrosini, Philippe Champion, Aloïs Godin, Sandrine Haton, Clémentine Houdart, Emilie Mazier, Natacha Simic, Cédrick Spinassou... - PRODUCTION - Oniryk Productions - Audiovisual production company created by Julien Parienté and Christophe Hourquet and made up of four specialized departments (Audiovisual and Special Effects, Web Design, Photography and Web-Radio). www.oniryk.com/ - Nautein Prod - Nautein Prod is a young and dynamic production company, offering all kinds of audiovisual formats, from personalized services to original creation (demo, portfolios, ads, corporate videos...) and attaching importance to the innovative aspect of its concepts. http://www.nauteinprod.com/