Madina Benvenuti - Initiator and founder of Madineurope. French and Italian, she speaks 5 languages, lived in Italy, France, Germany and Belgium and has worked with the United Kingdom. For many years she worked in medias, photography, communication, world heritage preservation, and participated to the development of image databases. She run a multimedia communication project sponsored by the French Senate on socially engaged themes and participated to the publication of several books. "When I was in press and photo agencies, I’ve been very much involved in promotion of human, artistic and natural Heritage,. Italian and French but profoundly European in my heart I am fascinated by the quality and richness of fine craftsmanship that we can find in Europe. Despite some European programs devoted to the protection of these trades, these men and women of the shadows are gradually crushed by the way we consume. My work in the world of communication and heritage have given me tools, which I'm happy to use for the benefit of European craftsmanship. I am convinced that a modern approach can bring a huge and sustainable economic support to Art Crafts "