Max Pelagatti

Brussels, Belgium

I was born in Tokyo in 1988 to an Italian father and Japanese mother, both of whom were opera singers. I spent my childhood between Italy and Japan; as a teenager, my family settled in Italy, my father’s homeland. By nature curious and reserved, the camera was my preferred means of expression from a very early age. My art is strongly influenced by the cultural environment in which I was brought up. My artistic development has been influenced by many international professional photographers. Although my primary interest is in commercial and fine art photography, I continue to nurture my love for the performing arts through my work with musicians and theatre companies in Rome, Tokyo and New York. The knowledge of high-end photographic tecniques learned through commercial photography has pushed the boundaries of my creative process allowing me to carry out social and historically engaged projects with a new seductive key to interpretation. I currently live in Brussels where I works as a self-employed photographer and teach photography and photo-retouching techniques for international corporations and individuals.