When this world traveler settles somewhere, she finds herself singing about her souvenirs, telling about her travels, sharing her desire to feel free and authentic, to preserve an innocence thanks to dreams, and telling about the hard but beautiful times nonetheless. Maylin is one of those artists who have lived many lives. After being a model in Milan, she was a stage and movie actress in Paris and New York, then a singer in L.A music clubs, and even a writer of children’s books. Today: singer/songwriter.Tomorrow: singer/songwriter. Maylin is most of all a young woman devoted to her love of words, stories and the music of life. Her world reclaims the mystery and poetry of the moment, explores the subtleties of sensations reminding us of Joni Michell, Carly Simon et Nick Drake. Between a stormy love affair with jazz and blues guitar riffs, a tender love for folk vocal harmonies, Maylin’s music becomes a sensitive melting pot of the influences that have marked her while traveling and the people she has met. Supported by a pianist, a guitarist, a percussionist and a background vocalist, Maylin presents her stories with a dark, sensually stunning and warm voice, creating “bohemian folk music”.