I was born in Nantes, I studied art in Besançon. In 2010 I studied in Istanbul during one year, then in 2011 I went to La Cambre to focus mainly on photography practices, meanwhile I was finishing my master in Besançon, from wich I graduated with honors. My work gravitates around questions ranging from representations to interrogations concerning imagery and exhibition space. I want to bring back the intimate dimension that belongs to photography to start with. The existing link in between photography an memory are the directing lines of my practice; these images are just a false pretense in order to give people the impetus to talk about themselves, in an indirect way. The idea of taking people "somewhere else" dominates my work; through a journey stripped from any fascination exotism. Bringing back on common places to common ground. I use objects wich leave room for imagination, to enable people to create their own stories.