Myriam Goldenlight

Paris, France

MYRIAM GOLDENLIGHT. Born in Paris France in 1978. Fine Art Degree in sculpture from Leeds university uk in 2000. Ma in Cultural and Art Management, Sussex University in 2006. Myriam’s art is a free-flowing fusion of colour and form, rich and expressive, boldly promoting well being. Her art is an alchemical synthesis of intuitive and balanced patterns designed to align the heart and soul of the viewer and to bring a deep sense of healing into any room where her pictures are hung. She has traveled the world extensively studing many traditions where the saced art of mandala making is rooted in ancient practices.Her current work is an accumulation of many years spend refining her skills. She also offers worshops so that others may experience the healing nature of creating your own personal mandala either using paints on canvas or as environmental art where working in nature using natural materials. Her future projects include large scale murals in hospitals and schools where the healing affects of her work can be widly appreciated. Her long term vision is to create a healing garden where art and nature combine to bring harmony, well being and elation to all who be invited to enjoy this space.