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At the age of 18, with my Baccalauréat (A level equivalent) in my pocket I travelled around Europe on my own, and found out about myself that I was actually very sociable (I had always been shy as a child) active and the creator of my life filled with an infinite joy of living, of exchanging and sharing with the people I met. Staying overnight in private homes or letting myself be guided by the « routard » has allowed me to get to know myself rather well and to be open to new acquaintances everywhere with ease. Travelling and going on an adventure on my own is one of my greatest joys. I was married for 28 years with 3 children and had to set my dream aside for a while. In the past six years I have chosen to live them fully and that feels very bubbly!!! A passionate traveler for 30 years I have crossed many countries. In 2014 I arrived in IQUITOS PERUVIAN AMAZONIA, after a few months spent alone between Chile, Bolivia and Peru. I had a phenomenal crush on the SELVA. I immediately felt at home after the first few steps between the forest « Selva » and the Amazon River. I couldn’t get myself to leave anymore. From encounters to friendship I hit it off with an entire family in the « pueblo » village of HUATURI. I returned 3 times to Peru in the same year. And there, it became obvious. An incredibly powerful energy. The awareness that I was in the heart of a centre with an incredible vibration. Amazonia is the heart of the earth on an energetic level. The opening of the heart is the initiatory opening. The energetic centre or Earth chakra associated to the heart is manifested in AMAZONIA. Through its gradual opening to consciousness humanity allows a great transformation of fears, desires and a lifting of the veils. Yes it was obvious!!! I had to open a centre for consciousness and guidance. There was no coincidence to my presence and all the synchronicities that led me to this place. Everything just happened easily and smoothly. This project takes form with a « pueblo » which is ready to welcome you with its full authenticity and ancestral knowledge. Come join us and take part in this beautiful and magnificent adventure. Find my presentation video here :

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