Berlin, Germany

team lotville (a temporary sub unit of raumlaborberlin working on the project: LOTVILLE-landscape of desire) raumlaborberlin is a Berlin based group of 8 architects, founded in 1999. We work at the intersections between architecture, city planning and art by means of performative, temporary interventions. The focus of raumlaborberlin’s work is urban transformations and relationships between private and public space. Leftover and difficult to handle urban situations attract us. Artistic and architectural interventions serve us as tools of communication and open up new perspectives for alternative uses, collective ideals, urban diversity as well as difference. We explore and use what we find; the condition of the place and consolidate alliances between local actors and external specialists. The goal is an architecture that succeeds in melting space with subjective experiences, that lets people discover new qualities and leads to an alternative understanding of the city. Our working method is interdisciplinary and combining different genres. We organize selected teams of experts for each project, linking members of raumlaborberlin with external specialists as needed. Our view of architecture doesn’t only connect to the build environment but rather to an experimental building laboratory for a participatory practice within the public realm. Architecture becomes the tool for finding and inventing the city of possibilities. For "Lotville" raumlabor is asking a simple question: What if the Lot valley becomes a dreamtarget for Migrants around the world? raumlabor has gathered a transdisciplinary team of experts to develop strategies for inhabitants, nature and tourist industry to think positive into a future of urbanisation. raumlabor will search the history of urban planning for solutions to the challenges of our society today, they will collect stories of people, who have moved to the valley, as a blueprint for a future development, they will install first fragments of a visionary city and they will themselves be the first to test a new way to live between town and country. raumlaborberlin Am Flutgraben 3 12435 Berlin fon +49 30 27580882 mail info@raumlabor-berlin.de web http://raumlabor.net/ Team LOTVILLE Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (Architect), Dr. Olga Maria Hungar (Architect,Urbanist), Sabine Zahn (Choreographer), Claire Motthais (Architect), Marius Busch (Architect, Geographer), Paula Strunden (Architect), Fabien Bidaut (Architect), Todosch Schlopsnies (Sculptor), Federica Teti (Grafic Designer), Valentin Fastabend (Filmmaker), Anna Katharina Laggner (Radio Author), Claire Melot (Architect), Samuel Boche (Carpenter, Sculpturer, Photographer), Chloé Francou (Architekt)