Brussels, Belgium

Sébastien Van Malleghem Is a freelance author photographer born in Belgium in 1986. He studied photography in Brussels from 2006 to 2009. His long-term projects focus on the idea of Justice in contemporary Europe. For four years he followed the daily job of police officers and their interaction with the public. He documented Belgian prisons for three years between 2011 and 2014. In 2008 Sébastien did a one-month internship with photographer Tomas Van Houtryve (VII) in Cuba. He worked as his personal assistant in 2010 and has been selected for the famous Eddie Adams Workshop in the USA. Sébastien went in Libya in 2012 to work on the ruins of the power after the death of Kaddafi. Covered the daily life of the people living in the streets of Berlin during 5 month in 2013. Now Sébastien is covering the daily life of outlaws in Europe and started another long term project in Scandinavia where he works since 2013. His work has been published online on TIME, The New York Time Lens Blog and in newspapers and magazines Le Soir , Le Monde, Le Monde Magazine, La Croix, Le Temps, De Standaard, Polka Magazine, Photographe, L'OBS, Paris Match, De Morgen, etc. Exhibited in Greece, Canada, Belgium, France, Holland, Georgia, Norway, Argentina, Germany. His first monograph book “POLICE” was published in January 2013 by Yellow Now Edition. Distinctions & Awards * Vocatio grant 2015 * Bozar Nikon Monography Serie Awards 2015 •Lucas Dolega, France, January 2015 •Award: second place pour « Prisons », Portfolio Days, National Center of Audiovisual, Luxembourg, February 2014. •Honorable Mention for « Prisons », prix XXI / France info Young Reporter •National Award, for the video « Police » festival 5 / 5, Short Documentary competition, Belgium, October 2013. •Third Prize at the European Month of Photography folio review, Berlin, Germany, November 2012 •Artist Residency at AirBerlinAlexanderPlatz, Berlin, Germany, October – November 2012 •Artist Residency at Halsnoy Kloster, Norway, August 2012 •National Award « Jeune Artiste Plasticien » for POLICE Collection Rtbf/Canvas Collectie, Belgium, May 2012