Paris, France

Shiwol has been created in 2007. The Soo Bahk Do classes the association provides take place in the 10th and 5th arrondissements of Paris and are carried out by Elodie Mollet, 4th dan, assisted by Agnès Torresi (2nd dan) and Laurent Vannini (1st gup). Kids compose the majority of Shiwol students. The association takes them abroad (Belgium, Switzerland) or on martial art trips on a regular basis, and looks forward to involve them as often as possible in public demonstrations (i.e, Martial Art festival in Bourges 2015). To our opinion, getting kids and teenagers used to being part of public shows is a key factor to fully experience martial art practice. These demonstrations take kids to the next step, especially at an age (12-16 years old) when the gaze of others is so important. Going to Korea with teenagers represents a huge leap, whether it be geographic as we had restrained ourselves to close european countries so far, or up on the scale of our demand . We do not travel 5 500 miles to play a secondary rôle. We will hold our head high during our demonstration, even though France can't be compared to other countries much more powerful in terms of number of practicionners (i.e, the USA). But in order to achieve this goal, we know we will have to train like never before.