Standpoints is a non-profit, student-run association that functions as a platform of exchange between the Montreal student body and today’s world leaders. Whether in the domains of economics, science, politics, or culture, we seek to foster the transfer of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. Moreover, we acknowledge dialogue as the most effective means sharing, learning and generating reciprocal knowledge. We have created an interface for organizing events and meetings, mainly in the form of panels, interviews and debates. Eventually, our objective will be to create a permanent forum for dialogue between the student body (McGill and partner universities), and world leaders across the globe. Our undertaking can be divided into two distinct but inter-related branches. The first consists of the organization of student-led conferences, debates and interviews. The second branch of the project is the creation of an authentic student think tank. This think tank releases articles about specific, original and striking themes in which ideas, solutions, alternatives and personal opinions are put forward, discussed and challenged. The articles will also supply the topics for the conferences. They will trigger a chain of thought, leading to online debates, and ultimately to conferences.