Paris, France

S+ella is a young parisian artist, born in the Yvelines, in 1989. She’s been studying graphic design for 3 years in Troyes (France) before she began to work as a freelance and she’s now often collaborating with 83bis design studio, a specialist in video-projected imaging. Her artistic aspirations really came out in 2012, when she met Gontran Mabetomoka, so they decided to grow their one bestiary together. S†ella’s work is inspired by the huge zoologic diversity and studies the living with an anthropomorphic eye. Animal are her favorite subject and she dissect each one of their materials, bodies and moves. Drawn with Rotring© or Steadler© pencils and colored with Posca©, Graph’it© or acrylic painting, her works are like medical illustration, anatomic portraits, always made with care, humor and detail.