Fanny Right


Architecture is my main profession. I live in French Riviera, earning my living by designing, making my artful visions come true. I am raising my son and during that time I noted that children's books are one of the main elements for the expanding kid's intellectual horizons and determining their future personality. I felt a great desire to create something in an area so important and responsible and I began to write children's stories with cute characters involved in incredible stories. The great thing about the children's book is that the useful text is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that most fully reflect the author's thoughts. A well-executed illustration is as important to a child as the fairy tale itself, so I carefully design every picture's detail. This process is slow and meticulous, but fantastically enjoyable, especially when I imagine the toddler's eyes, who delightedly looking at my book. I hope that my future little readers will fully appreciate my work and love my world, created for them with kindness and tenderness.