The Unknown Precept

Paris, France

The Unknown Precept is committed to the promotion of contemporary electronic music by producing zines as well as larger collaborative, textual and audio publications. Through this platform, our goal is to offer an alternative to people, finding another way of facing the music, to convey an approach that is mostly lost now. We want to transcend the iconography and imagery related to music scenes, to offer it as a key to something more essential, like the music itself. The purpose here is to give a complete freedom to our contributors through their personal expression facing a subject. Thus, we are seeking to develop an abstract or explicit language between picture, sound and text — always with the aim to suggest several ways of accessing to a complex universe. We are looking for instincts. Therefore, we want to create a global vision with many forms by making common voice around different subjects ranging from vague to precise ; far from something formal without substance and an obvious lack of interest and inventiveness. We want to make real things happen in the real world by taking the time to explore, dissect and explain some complex universe, raising a new dogma of understanding ; through a simple and much too neglected form : the book.