WHO AM I ? I am photographic artist, graduated at the Ecole Française d’Enseignement Technique (EFET). Born 1991, in a family where culture was always present and around, I developed an interest in photography as an art when I was young. Particularly production and composition. Before I concentrated myself entirely on photography, I gained a lot of experience in my personal and professional life. Difficult situations in life have learned me to look for solutions and stay positive. And as well to deal with everything in a flexible way and work things out my own way. My pictures reflect my sometimes exuberant imagination and my thirst for culture. I am always looking out for the perfect combination of my own creativity, photographic techniques and the beauty of my subjects. The compositions are the result of a lot of preparation work and consideration, in an atypical and original style. thibaut ATYPICAL & ORIGINAL Exactly like me ! Full body artist, I have chosen to wear knickerbockers, stockings and roll-necks. That style is not always easy to wear, but it is how I am, also when as a result, people on the street are looking at me. Above all, I am a Parisien, I love the city where I grew up and I translate that love in capturing unique architecture or in creating that myself. THE TRABANOSCOPE I started using my name as an artist, The Trabanoscope, after a very difficult period of time in my life. The remedy to coop with all that for me was to regularly buy toy cars, Trabants. The Trabant became my mascot, my artistic identity.