Thierry Heiarii-Casabianca

Longjumeau, France

"T.H.C. tattoo" for Thierry Heiarii Casabianca! Born in Paris, a Papa Corse expatriate during his childhood in many destinations and a mother of French Polynesia. After the traditional school cycle I had the chance to make a school of graphic art. Then, to discover the Polynesian life I decided at 20 years old to join the childhood village of my mother and her family on Ahe atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago. I am cultivated, fished and sold the black pearls of Tahiti, during all this time my art was influenced by that of Polynesia in the broad sense, from New Zealand to Hawaii via Rapa-Nui (the island Easter), but especially the archipelago of the Marquesas who is the Maori cultural soul in my opinion. Towards the end of my stay my cousin, the no less talented tattoo artist nicknamed "KingKong", convinced me to be a tattoo artist himself and took me under his wing! After a personal choice for a return to France, I came to live in Longjumeau for 4 years with my wife and children. Now I combine the Polynesian know-how with that of the graphic arts school and I also see the history of art, such as Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau! I would like to put in symbiosis these very different artistic currents ... I am now at your disposal at the Salon de Longjumeau!