Soutenez mes nouveaux enregistrements pour piano. Support my piano recordings


The project

I would like to record some pieces for piano.

the first part will concerne classical musique. I have choosen  the sonata opus 90 de Beethoven and the Scherzo n 2 of Chopin. They are my favorite composers, they have different styles but they have also commun points: passion and intensity.I feel always   a big emotion playing them  and its important for me to communicate with the most open feeling possible.


Une autre partie sera dédiée a l'improvisation que je pratique depuis plusieurs années et que ça a plu a beaucoup d'amis et collègues lors de mes dernièrs enregistrements. je mélange mes connaissances de pianiste classique a celles du blues et jazz que j'ai pratiqué longtemps avec la guitare électrique.




Why fund it?

the funding  will be used for paying the recording studio  (500 euros, Studio Malbos Paris) and the sound engineer (300 euros).

the rest will be for supporting my constant activity and the hard studying of the pieces.

if the final credit will be more important than what I ask , I will record more pièces and I will ask in that case one day more for recording in the studio. In that case I will have to reach 2000 euros.





Giovanni Gorelli is a pianist from Florence, résident in Paris since thirteen years. He started to study music when he was 8 years old and he played first time in a theater at ten. He played guitar also when he was a teenager and this is why he likes to improvise piano too, mixing different styles. He studied in Italy and in France, at the Florence... See more